11/15/10: PDGA releases 2010 PRO Worlds DVD.
11/1/10: PDGA releases 2011 PDGA Course Directory [22nd Edition].

8/1/10: CHING® releases Strategy Sport™.
8/1/10: PDGA releases 2010 AM Worlds DVD.

11/26/09: PDGA releases 2009 PRO/AM Worlds DVD.
11/5/09: CHING® releases Power Precision™, JamBag™, ChainMaster Lite™.
11/1/09: CHING® releases 2010 POP (Point of Purchase) materials.

01/01/09: DISCWING™ 2009 pricing posted.
01/01/09: CHING® 2009 pricing posted.

12/25/08: CHING® releases Power Genesis™.

11/28/08: PDGA releases 2009 PDGA Course Directory [21st Edition].
11/25/08: PDGA 2009 pricing posted.
11/14/08: DISCWING™ releases Baseline Crosshair™, Baseline Transcend™, Shockline Quarter K II™.
11/14/08: ENOUGH STUPID PRODUCTIONS releases Clubless: The Legend of Victor Montango DVD.

10/31/08: PDGA releases 2008 PRO/AM Worlds DVD.

06/02/08: DISCWING™ releases SELECT Baseline Crosshair™, SELECT Baseline Transcend™, SELECT Baseline Quarter K II™.
06/02/08: DISCWING™ 2008 pricing posted.

05/12/08: LYNX releases Disc Golf 101 DVD w/ Tom Monroe.

02/11/08: CHING® releases Power Oracle™, Power Legacy™, CHING® Ultimate 175g Rec disc, CHING® Big Heavy™ 195g Rec disc, ChainMaster™ Portable Target.
02/10/08: CHING® 2008 pricing posted.