CHING® Strategy Sport™

The Patent Pending CHING® Strategy Sport™ Target marks a dramatic change in philosophy compared to traditional disc golf targets, but actually introduces new fun & challenges landing closer to the original expressed intent of the sport. Paraphrased... that the best finishing shot is one of control and finesse required to emulate a human catching the flying disc (..or so we've heard).

Clever yet awkward, rigid basket hardware and deflection-based contraptions from early days only encourage a single putting stroke from anywhere in the putting circle. Bullet putts and the chain-banging slapping-metail sounds are addictive, but aren't really reminiscent of a golf class finish and certainly isn't the dynamic way that humans catch & throw. Stalling an aerial approach to land with a backwards glide over the 15 degree reverse aerial-green using your favorite accuracy putter, or dropping a high annie to a bent right 30 degree rim after you switch from a heavy putter to that specialty 150 class blunt driver for faster short-range action... that's golf class!

With adjustable Rim Angle & Rim Orientation, the new Strategy Sport™ Target rewards thoughtful accuracy and creative control from every position as you put it, putt it, stall it, glide it, or fly it into the basket. And we mean a soft basket with netted nylon and a sturdy fiberglass flagstick that eliminates DROTs (Disc Resting on Top), chain cut-throughs, chain spit-backs, nub-luck, and those ridiculous wire frame basket bounce-outs & wedgies.

The Strategy Sport™ Target is perfect for schools and superior to competitive disc golf targets that don't really challenge a full range of skill and developmental objectives. Kids learn to apply a variety of solutions that are never presented by chain-deflection targets, such as short range benefits to shooting left handed or right handed depending on the flight curve required to hole-out. Or the need to slow putting from a rear angle approach vs the increased power shot that may be had with a shallow front angle. Alternatively, you can just set the rim to 0 angle for a flat basket that is intuitive and easy for symetrical scoring positions. Strategy is cognitive exercise for the mind and body... get some.