Discwing™ Baseline Crosshair™

Discwing™ presents the Crosshair™ golf disc, designed for short-range putting & approach play.

The Crosshair™ putt & approach disc completes our debut golf product range and completes your game. It is both the professional’s disc of choice and the beginners’ dream putter. Crosshair™ disc technology is the pinnacle of golf targeting.

The application of scientific principles to the putter has resulted in a disc with absolute precision and narrow channelled directionality. This provides the golfer with an accuracy focused endgame.

The ergonomically designed rim comprises carefully blended lifting surfaces that relax the players’ hand to ensure a naturally timed release and a perfectly weighted shot.

The new putter from Discwing™ marks the target through the golfer’s keen eyes and hits the sweet-spot consistently. Crosshair™ disc technology encourages a clearly focused throwing response, empowering the player to hole out with pinpoint accuracy.

With favourable grip and durability, the Crosshair™ is like nothing you've ever thrown. Each disc is imprinted with our Latin motto which marks the disc out as a unique product steeped in authenticity.

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