Discwing™ Baseline Transcend™

The Transcend™ golf disc is designed for mid-range distance and approach play.

Just like our extremely successful debut Quarter K™ driver, the Transcend™ mid-range & approach disc is designed for the true professional, yet perfectly versatile for players at all skill levels.

The design combines precision aerodynamic shaping to improve performance with an ergonomic rim to mould pure comfort into the players’ hand.

The glide efficiency of the Transcend™ disc enables the golfer to ease off the release power. This ensures the player can focus on a smooth throwing action to achieve straight flight and maximum accuracy.

The rim surface curvature relaxes the players hand to ensure a naturally timed release and weighting of the shot.

The new Discwing™ mid-range surpasses the current state of the art disc technology and goes beyond that of common experience. Transcend™ gives you a naturally synchronized style of approach play that conveys the disc effortlessly to the target.

With favourable grip and durability, the Transcend™ is like nothing you've ever thrown. Each disc is imprinted with our Latin motto which marks the disc out as a unique product steeped in authenticity.

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