Discwing™ Shockline Quarter K II™

The first golf disc in the Shockline™ polymer is the Quarter K II™ driver.

The KII disc comprises our patented double convex ‘bullet-like’ rim design, allowing golfers to propel our discs well beyond conventional bevelled edge drivers. The new Quarter K II™ golf disc cuts through the air with incredible ease because the precision aero-shaping ensures the disc glides at the highest possible velocity. The result is increased distance for all!

Aside from the exceptional speed, glide and distance: The KII driver is less stable than the Quarter K™. A typical flight trajectory executes a shallow S-curve and the turnover on release has been set to achieve an optimum stability for maximum distance.

The Quarter K II™ driver has been fabricated using our fantastic new Shockline™ polymer, developed specifically for our golf discs. With a smooth quality touch feel and outstanding durability, the Shockline™ is like no other plastic on the market.

Shockline™ golf discs shake off all close range direct hits in wooded terrain or elsewhere, retaining their shape stubbornly. The polymeric structure dissipates the discs energy on impact with aerial hazards or from hard ground spikes, to ensure dependable flight characteristics despite regular collisions. The Shockline™ super durable polymer draws maximum efficiency from state of the art disc technology, enabling golfers to approach their performance limit, achievable only with a Discwing™ golf disc!

Each disc is of course imprinted with our Latin motto which marks the disc out as a unique product steeped in authenticity.

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